Let gravity work for you.

We want to help you stay well and fi t for life. Whether you are a seasoned fitness fanatic, somewhat de-conditioned, or newly exercising, our Gravity Training System (GTS) can help you improve your fitness level. The GTS offers the flexibility and variety for all participants, of all ages, to successfully integrate a strength and low-intensity cardiovascular workout in each session.

Through the use of adjustable, incline resistance training on a freely-moving glide board, each GTS participant uses their body weight against the pull of gravity to efficiently, effectively and simultaneously work multiple upper and lower body muscle groups and core stabilizers for a full body workout. The controlled movement process on the GTS unit allows for training in all planes of movement to achieve a functional exercise pattern. Functional exercises mimic movement of the body in everyday life which translates into better stability, coordination, and balance. This is what sets the Gravity Training System apart from traditional machine strength training.


Every GTS session consists of a total body conditioning workout designed and instructed by our Certified Training Specialist. The GTS unit offers over 200 biomechanically correct exercises that provide an innovative and challenging total body training session.

Each participant uses the same GTS unit for the entire session which allows advanced participants to challenge themselves and beginners to adjust their workout to a desired comfort level. There are 6 GTS units to accommodate a maximum of 6 participants per session. Each person is required to sign up during our registration process to reserve a spot in their desired session time slot.

All Gravity Training sessions are 45 minutes in length including warm-up and cool-down periods for a six week program.

Specialized Gravity Programs


GravityEnduro is geared towards all endurance athletes (ie: cyclists,runners, triathletes). Each class will focus on a combination of strength training, agility, and speed. This class is to compliment your daily endurance and cardio workouts. Endurance athletes tend to overlook certain aspects of their training programs such as core, balance, and proprioceptive training. Enhancing your current workout program with this class can improve your overall performance and give you that extra kick at the end to win the race!


GravitySlopes is geared towards clients who are preparing for skiing.Each class will focus on a combination of endurance skills on uneven surfaces, strength/plyometric training, and power. This class will help with your push off and stopping aspects of skiing as well as climbing up snowy hills. Your ski experience will feel more like a vacation rather than a workout!


GravityTrails is geared towards all types of hikers or those who are preparing to go hiking. Each class will focus on a combination of exercises on uneven surfaces, strength training, and weighted cardio.Backpacks are not light! There is a lot of preparation for a long hike and GravityTrails will help you prepare for your hike. This class will help with your overall hiking experience so you’ll be able to get through those tough trails more easily.


GravityFit is geared towards all types of clients who would like to lose weight, learn how to maintain their weight, or improve their overall fitness. Each class will focus on cardio, endurance, and strength and will incorporate plyometric and circuit training. The most effective way to lose weight is to burn maximal calories. This class is set up to keep your heart rate up, so you are able to burn those extra calories — and those last few stubborn pounds. Each client will be measured and weighed at the beginning and end of each training program. Along with training, each client will be given a food log to track all calories taken in. Our goal is to help you reach your goals!