AlterG Treadmill

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a revolutionary piece of physical therapy equipment that can assist in Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Functional Rehabilitation, Weight Loss and Weight Control, and Senior Rehabilitation Strengthening and Conditioning.

This unique unweighting treadmill allows pre- and post-injury patients, as well as healthy individuals who wish to improve their athletic performance, to exercise safely by generating a powerful lifting force using Advanced Differential Air Pressure Technology (ADAPT). Wearing neoprene shorts, the athlete or patient zips into a pressurized, airtight enclosure, which calibrates to their exact body weight. With an easy-to-use control panel, you can adjust your weight, reducing it by as much as 80%, in precise 1% increments.

Prior to the Alter-G, many athletes or physical therapy patients exercised in pools, using water to remove body weight. However, the ability to unload body weight in water is limited to the depth of the pool; and this method lacks the control you have over the precise amount of weight you choose to reduce. In contrast, the Alter-G allows you to adjust weight in precise increments, control treadmill speed, incline, and direction, and experiment with many variables within a safe, comfortable, supervised environment. It also allows a controlled, incremental return to safe exercise.

The Alter-G provides exceptional benefits for sports medicine. It strengthens and improves coordination of muscles, protects surrounding joints, promotes the full range of motion while minimizing stress during athletic conditioning, and enables injured athletes to maximize their fitness retention as they recover. Many non-injured athletes, including runners, also rely on the Alter-G as part of their training. Marathon runners may enroll in a training system at SportsCare & Rehabilitation, using the Alter-G to log more miles, with less stress, improve endurance, and test their abilities while staying in shape.

For medical functional rehabilitation applications, the Alter-G enables pre-surgery conditioning with significantly reduced pain. Its incremental adjustments allow patients to specify exactly when exercise becomes pain free, and help physical therapists track and chart their progress. The system helps restore natural gait, range of motion and improved patient outcomes following accidents and injury, and can also assist in prosthetic training with improved balance and confidence. The Alter-G is safe for even seniors and weight loss patients.

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