Prescription Orthotics by FootMaxx

We use FootMaxx Orthotics to assess, diagnose and treat a variety of patient problems. A custom orthotic can provide relief from symptoms such as back pain, neck pain or knee pain, and can even be used to alleviate pain from diabetes and arthritis. Runners and athletes can also benefit from our orthotic and diagnostic services.

Our licensed physical therapists use a FootMaxx platform to perform a pressure analysis. As you walk across the platform, we will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and gait patterns, and determine the pressure points of your step. Using these findings, as well as determinations made from a physical evaluation, and a mechanical evaluation of your ankle, your physical therapist will develop a custom FootMaxx orthotic that will be best for your needs.

Your custom orthotic can be made to fit inside almost any type of shoe you can imagine — from ice skating or snow skiing boots, to women’s dress shoes, to sport-specific athletic shoes. Footmaxx’s proprietary diagnostics can uncover, confirm and track the progress or treatment regimes of many conditions; and they can also help to improve function and correct injuries.

A prescription from your physician is required in order for your custom orthotic to be considered for insurance coverage — however, we also welcome personal payments for custom orthtic services if you do not have a prescription. Contact us today to learn how FootMaxx Custom Orthotics can help you take a step toward feeling — and functioning — better.