Pilates Mat and Reformer Training

Pilates is a movement system that uses a series of exercises to increase flexibility, and improve posture, balance and coordination by focusing on strengthening the body’s core muscles. Pilates exercises are performed with meticulous attention to each movement, emphasizing quality and precision, rather than repetitions. These carefully executed movements increase awareness of strengths and weaknesses in the body, and allow for greater balance, coordination and symmetry of movement to help avoid injury in day-to-day activities.

Mat Pilates

Our Mat Pilates program is a non-impact, deep muscle conditioning program that strengthens the body’s core musculature, including the abdominal, gluteal and back muscles, and improves postural imbalances, helping to alleviate or lessen chronic pain syndromes. Mat Pilates can be performed at different levels to accommodate various degrees of fitness, injury or flexibility.

Reformer Pilates

The equipment used in Reformer Pilates provides a safe and stable spring system that operates by assisting and resisting the core muscles. The workouts are methodically designed to build strength and muscle tone without gaining unwanted bulk. The Reformer provides excellent exercise for individuals of all ages and abilities — whether you are a competitive athlete, a newcomer just beginning a workout regimen, or are somewhere in-between.

Our Pilates programs are supervised and provided by a physical therapist, licensed and certified in Pilates.